Why choose natural rubber yoga mats?

Greetings from Ubud, Bali’s home of yoga shala’s!

We’ve been over here for a few weeks now, taking a break from normal Melbourne life, reflecting and of course practising at studios in downtown Ubud. We travelled here with only carry on luggage and therefore were unable to pack our mats. Thus, we have been using studio mats Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which has lead me to write this blog post – Why choose rubber?

The material used in the Banjaara Yoga (BY) natural rubber yoga mats are pure rubber extracts.

Thus, it has no harmful chemicals that can cause irritations in your skin, unlike most of the mats of today that are made of PVC. Prolonged contact with PVC contents can have various effects on the health of the user. A natural mat is therefore good for the body since it does not cause any negative side effects.

The composition of our mats is solely 100% natural rubber yoga mats and free from any synthetic materials. A drawback of using a natural rubber is its rubber smell. However, if you can tolerate a slight odour of rubber while you are breaking in your mat you will be grateful in the long run.

One advantage of using the all-natural yoga mat is it can allow the yogi to be more daring in practising yoga positions. Being 100% pure rubber, BY mats have high traction giving the yoga practitioner a better grip of the supporting surface.

Another great thing with the natural rubber yoga mat is its thick enough to give support and comfort to the user. This is good for practitioners who want to remain in the lotus position and meditate for several hours. The comfort is for lessening the amount of stress the body of the practitioner is going through. This would allow him or her to practice yoga for as long as the yogi likes it.

Nothing feels or grips like natural rubber!    Additionally, BY mats are made from a natural, renewable, and biodegradable inner stability mesh.  Most inner mesh within other mats are synthetic from polypropylene, polyester or nylon but the BY rubber yoga mats use a natural cotton mesh within so it will “completely” and safely biodegrade in a landfill.