Where is the sense of community?

We all too often hear of stories of lack of community, lack of face-to-face conversation and interactions among yoga communities. It seems that we’ve lost our way a little. Gone are the days where we have a community, we have a sense of belonging and talk to those next to us. Instead we spend our lives with our heads buried into our phones, worrying about how many followers we have on IG or Facebook. But then again what about genuine, meaningful real-life connections with those we see often but never speak to?!

Being in the studio is an opportunity to be with like-minded people – we are all there for the yoga right? But what if we spoke to the person next to us after class? What if we introduced ourselves to that person? What if you paid them a compliment?

I see studios advertising their ‘yoga community’ nevertheless where is the community if no one fosters the connection with others? We need to take the time to slow down, talk to people, have a cuppa or share a hug.

Recently, a studio in our local area celebrated their 1st birthday – Happy Birthday Level Up – and celebrated with multiple sold out classes followed by a Kirtan and pot luck dinner afterwards. This example is one that is celebrating their local yoga community, fostering connection and encouraging nurturing relationships among its students.  

Our preference is to practice in a yoga community that encourages interaction! Simply allow for conversation for a few minutes at the beginning of class, or create a space where students can talk (a lobby or waiting area) if a previous class is finishing. People will naturally start to talk, based merely on their familiarity from class.