WellBeing Yoga Experience 2017

This year Banjaara Yoga will be included in the WellBeing Yoga Experience, our featured product will be the Banjaara Yoga Cork Yoga Wheel. 

Whether you’re new to yoga or a committed yogi, WellBeing Yoga Experience aims to give you the tools you need to deepen your exploration and practice. Writers for the publication are experienced yogis and yoga instructors who live in the real world. They’ve interviewed well-regarded yoga teachers, delved into yogic texts and drawn on years of practice to bring you hands-on advice, helpful posture sequences and a deeper insight into this inspiring, connecting ancient wisdom.

The first half explores yogic philosophy and quash the myth of the “perfect” yoga physique (what is a yoga body? anyone who has a body can do yoga!), yogic recipes, props – including the Banjaara Yoga Wheel –  and discover festivals and retreats that you may want to bliss out in during the year.   In the second half, there are yoga sequences for developing compassion, improving posture, preparing for birth … and much, much more.

What’s inside?

* Yoga for chakras                                                         *  Yoga for self-acceptance

* Yoga for clear thinking                                                   * Yoga for eating

* Yoga and Ayurveda for colds                                         *  Yoga for spring cleansing

* Yoga with a twist                                                          *   Yoga for gratitude

* Yoga for weight loss                                                     *  Yoga for difficult times

* Yoga for an open heart                                                 *  Yoga for Partners


The ultimate Yoga Magazine for 2017!  We will be investing in a copy (or two) and of course, we think you should too!  Head over to the Universal Shop now to purchase your copy. And buy your Banjaara Yoga Wheel Australia.