Yoga Props FAQ

Yoga Props – Information

Mats  – It doesn’t matter if you practice vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Hatha, hot or cool yoga, you’ll love owning your very own yoga mat. There are many factors people consider when choosing a mat: its ecological construction, recyclability, firmness or softness, weight, thickness, durability, and stickiness.  Making the decision on what type of mat to purchase is very personal, some may also buy for aesthetics, it may have a pattern that you like, some purchase a mat for their favourite brand.   At Banjaara Yoga we believe in eco-friendly, ethically produced, quality and durability over aesthetics and world domination.  Read more about our mats here 

Blocks – Banjaara Yoga Cork Blocks are multifunctional props.  They can serve as bolsters in seated asanas, allow easier grounding of the hands in standing asanas, and help awaken and support energetic actions.   Wooden blocks can be stable but heavy, foam blocks are light but also rickety, therefore cork blocks are the perfect solution.

Straps – This versatile prop allows the practitioner to extend reach without compromising the integrity of the pose and maintains or stabilises positioning in a variety of postures.  Straps are a ‘quick release’ prop, allowing the user to more easily secure or release the strap offering greater versatility.

Wheels –  The new prop on the block.  These amazing wheels can help to increase your flexibility, assist with your back bends and inversion practice. Our wheels are 34cms in diameter and 14 cms in width, perfect for anyone who is 150-180cms tall.