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Arm Balance or Backbends? Banjaara Rubber Yoga Mat

Arm Balance or Backbends – Banjaara Rubber Yoga Mat Recently I participated in an arm balance workshop; it was terrific!  I’m a massive fan of balancing on my arms upside down or otherwise it doesn’t matter; I find them fun, actually inverting is by far my favourite. Anyway, the teacher made a note of those who […]

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Rolling on a Yoga Wheel

WellBeing Yoga Experience 2017

This year Banjaara Yoga will be included in the WellBeing Yoga Experience, our featured product will be the Banjaara Yoga Cork Yoga Wheel.  Whether you’re new to yoga or a committed yogi, WellBeing Yoga Experience aims to give you the tools you need to deepen your exploration and practice. Writers for the publication are experienced yogis and yoga […]

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How to choose a yoga mat?

Yoga Mat – Which one do I choose? When I started practising yoga 17 years ago the choices of yoga mats were very limited.  You had one choice of material PVC!  Oh, how times have changed. There’s a pattern or colour to suit every person’s style out there on the market today. Things to consider […]

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Belgrave South Community Market

On Sunday 6th August 2017, we’ll be at the Belgrave South Community Market – you should really head to the hills and visit us! This market is dedicated to promoting small local businesses and artists by showcasing their goods in a friendly market setting. This will give you an opportunity to touch, feel and try […]

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Postnatal Yoga -Melbourne

At Banjaara Yoga, we love supporting the community as well as other yogi’s!  We will begin to feature workshops, new studios and upload teachers profiles to our page. First up!  Postnatal Yoga!  Perfect workshops to use your natural rubber mats… one wants their baby (or themselves) practising on anything else! With 2 perfect bubs under […]

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Blue – Throat Chakra – Calming the mind

Blue – Throat Chakra – Banjaara Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Our Throat Chakra rubber yoga mat, what does this mean? – The fifth chakra is located at the level of the throat and controls the psychic consciousness of hearing, and listening to both the true meaning of others communication, and your guides.Unlike the physical reaction […]

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