Advanced Yogis Don’t Need Yoga Props!

Yoga Props!

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed a growth in yoga selfies, with endless amounts of ‘advanced’ yoga pose images shared on Instagram. Such as, arm balances, inversions, and what sometimes appears to be inhuman demonstrations of flexibility.

Now and then we see foundation poses like Warrior II or Triangle…Though we rarely see people using yoga props in any of these postures.  Blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters—you know, the loads of gear you always see in the corner of a yoga studio but assume you don’t really need them.

I’m a self-proclaimed advanced yogi, and I don’t need yoga props – right?

Well, not really!  Yoga props should be embraced by all, use them to shift your practice into places in which you thought were not accessible.  Most people do not realise that yoga props can open up a whole new aspect of your yoga practice.

Blocks, for example, one of the most amazing props to bring the floor closer to your body.  If you have short arms (like me!), you’ll love how a yoga strap can make your arms a hundred times longer.  Bolsters, well they can take your savasana to a whole new level of comfort!

Incorporating yoga props into your practice will give you the opportunity to access greater mobility, strength, and freedom across all types of poses.


Squeeze a block between your legs when in Chair

Use two blocks for supported fish – make a T shape with your blocks, lay back and feel the opening through your chest

There are so much more ways to explore the use of props in your practice.  Why not purchase a prop pack today and find out for yourself.

Yoga Props by Banjaara Yoga.