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We wanted to create a social enterprise that will provide high quality, eco yoga mats, and ethically sourced yoga products from Australia and around the globe. Our biggest seller to date has been our professional natural rubber yoga mats, which of course are eco-friendly. Our mats are durable and comfortable to use in all settings, in a studio, at home and outdoors. Our eco yoga mats are 100% natural rubber, and if you’re used to using a mat made from any other materials you’ll really feel grounded using our mats. We don’t use any PVC, toxic plasticizers or harmful dyes in our mats, we love them and hope you will too.

Our Story

Banjaara or Banjara [Hindi:बंजारा] is a Hindi word which is used for a kind of nomadic people, who roam around living here and there, with no permanent house.

Try our products, you’ll love practicing on your eco yoga mat!  

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