2018 Get on Your Mat – Happy New Year

2018, we have landed! – Banjaara Yoga Rubber Yoga Mat

What a year 2017 was, many happy to see the new year, others not bothered.  We spent time on our mats (Banjaara Rubber Yoga Mat of course!), off our mats and most importantly we spent time with those who mean the most to us!   Nonetheless, the beginning of a new year is a beautiful way to start fresh, reflect, let go and make space for your New Year’s intentions.

Often New Year’s might be celebrated by writing a list of things you’d would like to achieve, intentions for the year ahead, perhaps even a New Years resolution.  More often than not, we forget what was even on the list by the time Australia Day comes around.  Instead, I like to focus on reflection and letting go on a much more regular basis.

Take a Good Hard Honest Look at Yourself

In the yoga tradition, the practice of recapitulation is a version of the yogic practice called “inquiry” (vichara), or self-reflection. Inquiry always starts with asking a question. The question could be as immediate as “Why am I feeling uncomfortable?” or as radical as “What am I here?”

Most traditions offer some form of recapitulation process. This may be referred to as a “confession,” “karma cleaning,” “wise reflection,” or even “moral inventory,” the purpose is the same.  Looking at ourselves honestly is not easy for some of us, and frequently it can make people feel unequivocally uncomfortable. As humans, we create habits of self-justification, blame, and denial, which become deeply rooted. Some may struggle to admit their successes, though most people find it challenging to admit mistakes.  One reason for this is that we identify so closely with our usual way of doing things that we do not believe that we can change. Sometimes we do not want to!

Recapitulation creates a current of self-awareness that can bring transformation all by itself. The more you get in the habit of reflecting upon your day, week, or month and clearing your discomfort, the more automatic it becomes. Eventually, the self-clearing process will be something you regularly do, the way you brush your hair or clean your house. Just as you enjoy the feeling of clean sheets, so too will you learn to appreciate the openness and freedom that comes when you have looked